Translations of the Bible

The Inspiration and Inscripturation of the Original Autographs

The Preservation of the Text of Scripture

The Translations of The Bible

Translations: The first English translations appeared about 625 years ago.

1384: John Wycliffe produced the first handwritten copy of the English Bible.

1525: William Tyndale New Testament was the first printed in English.

1525-1611: Seven more English versions appeared.

1611 to 1982: Eleven more English versions appeared.

There have been numerous translations of the Scripture into hundreds of languages over the centuries. We believe that it is essential to use translations that are faithful to the original manuscripts so that the Word of God can be accurately known and taught.

It is vital to know and understand how we have received the Translations of the Bible in our own language. This will give great assurance of faith. Knowing that the Bibles we have in our language are without error and are authoritive for our life and faith is a great comfort in times of distress. The knowledge that God superintended over it’s writing gives conviction that we do have exactly what God knows we need for a successful Christian life. Community Bible Church believes that the Holy Spirit makes the Scripture known to God’s children. This conviction gives us strong incentive to “study to show ourselves approved of God”.
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